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drake just wrote his whole next album sitting in that chair 

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Wu-Tang forever [x]
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A Redditor asked me to create one of my ballpoint pen and gold leaf pieces for him. Here is Wisdom!

The danger of freedom is this:
it’s too much,
too much,
and hungry.
gnashing our bones
between broken teeth,
and we are trapped
before we even realize
that we have borne
our own destruction.

The beauty of freedom is this:
the choice,
that paper moment between
life and death,
birth and devastation
when we are capable of anything,
when we can swallow stars,
when we can grow orchards from our veins,
when we can hold the sea in our lungs,
when we can kiss the sun full on the mouth.

Icarus sang “Hallelujah”
as his body burned,
with lips seared and smiling.

Emily Palermo, Icarus (via starredsoul)

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